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The goal of The National DebtabetesTM Foundation is to encourage "Financial Literacy" and foment a "national" discussion of the perils of bad debt or consumer debt, together with a sane use of so-called good debt. "Though the approach of the Foundation is sometimes tongue-in-cheek, , the intent of the National DebtabetesTM Foundation is not a laughing matter. Debtabetes is a serious financial condition that affects millions yearly, throughout the U.S., Canada, U.K. and even developing countries." Says, Jon Hanson its spokesperson and author of Good Debt, Bad Debt.

The Disease
Debtabetes results from not having enough cash flow (financial insulin) to break down and eliminate your bills. The build up can be slow, sometimes over many years, or may be aggravated by loss of income, or sudden up-spike in spending. The cure for DebtabetesTM is a sane and consistent financial diet and cutting back or eliminating starchy and sugary consumer debt. 

Current Awareness Campaign
In its current awareness campaign, the National DebtabetesTM Foundation is seeking to foment a critical discussion of Christmas Debt. With the release of its first Public Service Announcement on December 9, 2004, entitled The 12 Daze of Debtmas, the parody song and PSA takes a humorous look at unrestrained consumer spending. While the Flash presentation and song/PSA may be humorous, and greatly exaggerated, the effects of the accrued debt can be very serious. 

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