Ever had the sudden realization that you'd be much further ahead in life and free, if not for the debt and obligations that you've collected along the way? Ever thought about the fact that if you saved just 5 or 10 percent of the amount that's has passed through your hands, you'd be sitting on a fortune? If so, you're ready to learn. Good Debt, Bad Debt is the teacher you wish had for Debtology 101. Read it. You'll weep less.  Click here for more

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"Hey Jon, I'm thinkin' about buying my daughter a car ...
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"Breakdown in the Becky Lane!
5 Killer Myths About Debt
Reality: Debt can be a tool (tools can hurt you)-when used wisely to gain lasting value with a margin of safety. Sometimes the problem with debt is not... Click here to continue
The Ten Commandments of Debt Management
1. Thou shall stretch your financial lifetime perspective. If you are forty... Click here to read

Makes a great graduation or wedding gift too....


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